Wednesday, February 20, 2013

29 Lessons Learned - Part 1

I turned 29 a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to write a post about 29 lessons learned.  So here goes.  Here is part one of some of the lessons I have learned in my 29 years.

1) Verbalizing helps
I am the type of person that I need to verbalize my thoughts and feelings.  There is too much going on in my over-analytical head.  Writing it down and talking about it out loud helps me process and let things go.

2)Drinking water is important.
Drinking water makes a huge difference in how I feel and how my body responds to things.

3) Self-awareness is essential to growth.
In order to grow, I have to accept my strengths and weaknesses.  I have to make decisions with them in mind, embracing the good with the bad.  I need to pay attention to how I respond emotionally and physically to events and things I consume.

4) Find moments of simplicity.
Take the time to slow down and just breathe or just be.

5) Reward yourself with rest.
Sleep deprivation is not worth it...even if you are a night person.

6) Find a daily, consistent happy moment.
Nala is almost always the best part of my day. Pets give love unconditionally and are uncomplicated.  Sometimes we just need a source of joy and love that is uncomplicated.
 photo 8CAA8259-3B85-4E0D-81BA-867FE75D9CC0-14480-000003F82D4A34D6_zps3fbae9be.jpg

7) The book is always better.
Books will always be the best source of escape.  Book stores are happy places.

8) Just because I have a favorite color does not mean I love all items in that color.
I know this.  I just wish come gift time everyone else knew this.

9) Snacks are important.
Ask my mom or my husband.  You really do not want to know me when I am hungry.  I am no longer pleasant.

10) You cannot and will never make everyone happy.
I tried.  I tried for a long time. No one is perfect and sometimes no matter how delicate we try to handle people's feelings, we hurt, we disappoint, and we anger. That does not mean I go out of my way to be cruel.  It just means that living in a world of too many feelings to juggle is a world where sometimes balls get dropped and feelings get hurt. After too many crashes and all seems broken, sometimes it seems too hard to pick it all back up and start juggling again.  Sometimes you just have to ask God for help because he juggles a lot more than I do.

To be continued...

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