Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being Set Free from Life's Pains

I wanted to do a quick post this morning to mention my aunt just released her first book.  My aunt's book Daughter of the King: Finally Free is released today.

I am almost done reading the book; I read most of the book in one sitting.  My aunt, Fran Speake, details how her faith in Christ helped her overcome a childhood of neglect, abuse, and low self-esteem.  She catalogs how as an adult she sought to fill that inner void with drugs and the wrong men. Her memoir is a story of pain, but a powerful testimony to the power of faith and the redeeming grace of Christ. I knew many details of my mom and aunts' childhood, but it was so much more profound to see it through the eyes of someone who experienced it.  I can see how each generation of my family truly tried their best to give their kids more than the previous generation. As humans though, we will always fall short and disappoint one another. Only God truly fill that inner void.  Short respites from emptiness can be found in relationships, food, drugs, alcohol, exercise, and other earthly endeavors.  None of these things provide lasting peace or that deep joy that overcomes life's deepest pains. Through her faith, Aunt Fran is able to both see her life and choices clearly and be thankful for what she has been set free from.   We have to acknowledge and face the things that haunt us, and then set them down on the alter for Christ to pick up.  We often surrender our burdens only to pick them back up again. The hardest part of being set free is claiming that freedom every day.  We can let go of the hold the past has on us, but we do not forget.  Those memories and pains are something we can choose to give to Christ as often as is necessary. What we surrender to Christ we must choose to surrender daily.  You can go to Fran's Facebook page.  She is doing giveaways today for signed copies of the book.

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  1. Thank you April, this was well written and thought out. I love you and I am enjoying your blogs!! Hope now we can bring hope to the hopeless with my book. If people could realize that the emptiness we all are born with can ONLY be filled by Christ, they would all be better off. I guess that is why it is my passion now, to get The Word out, literally.