Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm here

My goal for 2013 was balance.  I'm pretty sure that will be my goal for 2014 as well. Ultimately, I want to blog here about my fitness journey, what I am eating, my lunch ideas, how I am balancing work and graduate school, and my spiritual journey.

I decided to do a fall bible study at Stonebriar Community Church, where Chuck Swindoll is the pastor. I am doing the bible study with my sister-in-law Emily. This first week was a bit of a fail for me.  The bible study homework did not happen for me.  I had so much graduate school and work stuff, I got buried in busy.  It is no excuse.  I need to make time for God, quiet time, and bible study.  I need to make time to be still. Being still to be in the moment with God should be easy and natural.

I want to get back to finishing Grace for the Good Girl. I think I am going to try and blog about my thoughts on the bible study. Right now I am going to pray and then get some sleep.

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