Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holy Yoga and a Long Walk

Well, today was Day 9 on the Fast Metabolism Diet.  I do feel a lot better, and I have lost 3 pounds.  I have not followed it 100% perfectly, but I have tried to follow it pretty closely.

Eating better and working out more is so time consuming.  I feel good, but I also am just tired. The positive side of exercise though is you sleep better. Yesterday, I did 30 minutes of hot yoga and then an hour of holy yoga.  That was my second time to go to try holy yoga.  I really enjoyed it.  I absolutely love the idea of worshipping God while exercising.  Worship just feels like it should be active and not passive.

Today, Nala and I walked two miles on our favorite trail by the duck pond in the beautiful weather.  (With Texas the beautiful weather will not last long.)  Then, I went to an hour of boot camp fitness. I made a quick dinner taco of ground turkey, kale, and salsa on a spelt tortilla.

Now, I finally am blogging and getting ready for bed.  I really need to keep up with my gratitude list. Today though, I was grateful for the beautiful weather and a good day at school. 

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